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Gravitec Systems Inc. (22)
Commercial - Gravitec Systems Inc.
Project: Gravitec Systems Inc.
Owner: Gravitec Systems Inc.
Architect: Jay Volz Architect
Location: Poulsbo, WA
Type: Tenant Improvement
Scheduled Construction Completion Date:  May 2012
Details: The project involves remodeling an existing 42,000 SQFT building and building an additional 8600 SQFT of administrative and engineering office space on a new second floor.

The facility will combine Gravitec’s training facility and classrooms with their R&D, engineering, testing and sales department under one roof. A second floor observation deck will offer clients an opportunity to view students and staff while they conduct training and testing. Several training towers will be located in the equipment field. These will replicate real world height scenarios that assist the students meet their specific training needs.


Skookum Laundry Room - PT (8)
Commercial - Skookum Laundry Room - PT
Project: Skookum Laundry Room
Owner: Skookum
Architect: Morss Medical Architecture
Location: 385 Benedict St, Port Townsend,  WA
Type: Commercial Tenant Improvement
Scheduled Construction Completion Date:  June 2012

The project involves a tenant improvement of the 2,000 sf laundry room for the existing Port Townsend facility.


Vici Metronics Water Mitigation (7)
Commercial - Vici Metronics Water Mitigation
Project: Vici Metronics Water Mitigation
Owner: Vici Metronics
Architect:  Miles Yanick & Company
Location: Poulsbo, WA
Type: Exterior Restoration
Scheduled Construction Completion Date: December 2011
Details:  Water mitigation including new sealants at tilt-up panels, exterior water repellent, exterior deck coatings, EPDM, roof repair & bird control.


Skookum Corporate Headquarters (21)
Commercial - Skookum Corporate Headquarters
Project: Skookum Corporate Headquarters
Owner: Skookum Contract Services
Architect: Rice Fergus Miller Architecture
Location: 4525 Auto Center Way
Bremerton, WA
Type: Professional Office
Scheduled Completion Date: 10-18-2010
Details: The new corporate headquarters and vehicle maintenance facility will be a  major renovation of the 19,000 ft. former Bremerton Dodge building for Skookum, a private non-profit corporation that provides career opportunities for disabled individuals. TRC will assist Skookum with pre-construction planning and review of the owner’s goals, preliminary scheduling, cost estimating, design review, cost evaluation and general construction.



Blue Sky Printing (14)
Commercial - Blue Sky Printing

Project: Blue Sky Printing
Owner: Loren & Laurie Brown
Architect: Richard Prine Architect
Location: 19036 Front St.
Type: Professional Office
Completion Date: 12-28-2006
Details: Addition to existing building.


Seaport Building (3)
Commercial - Seaport Building

Project: Seaport Building
Owner: Cannongate Development
Architect: Richard Prine Architect
Location: Silverdale, WA
Type: Retail
Completion Date: 06-01-2003
Details: Renovation of the old Kitsap Farm & Garden Building into mixed use residential, professional office and retail space in Old Town Silverdale. The existing structure was retained but was structuraly and architecturaly re-built.


Courtesy Chevrolet Dealership (1)
Commercial - Courtesy Chevrolet Dealership

Project: Courtesy Chevrolet Dealership
Owner: Courtesy Auto Group
Architect: Richard Prine Architects
Location: Viking Way NW
Poulsbo, WA
Type: Retail
Completion Date: 07-01-2002
Details: 18,467 sf New commercial building, site work and landscaping.


Valley Produce Building (4)
Commercial - Valley Produce Building

Project: Valley Produce Building
Owner: Port Orchard Sand & Gravel
Location: 7000 Werner Rd.
Type: Commercial
Completion Date: 10-15-2006
Details: This project includes warehouse, office space as well as a loading docks, site paving, landscaping & utilities.


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